Total data and VoiP solutions


Loud&Clear is a 100% Kiwi Owned and Operated Data/Telecomms Company owned by its sister company Ayone Computers Ltd. 

We provide Ultra fast broadband (UFB) ADSL and VDSL Connections. We also offer a complete range of DATA Connections/Voice Trunks(Lines) and Telecommunication system solutions for New Zealand businesses.

We specialise in VoIP and switching companies across from traditional analogue and ISDN lines to VoiP.

VoIP is a new generation telephone service which allows users to make business phone calls over an internet connection which saves you money. Calls made using VoIP are significantly cheaper than calls made using a standard POTS/ISDN connections; VoIP users can expect savings of up to 50%+  compared to traditional landline telephone solutions. 

Get in touch to see how Loud&Clear can help you and your business and start saving on your phone bill today.

P:  09 973 4048
E: sales@loudnclear.co.nz

NOTE: Our new website will be launching here soon with full up-to-date detail of our services. However, you can see an overview on our previous website here

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